Race The Sun Adding PSVR Support, New Mode, And More In Free Update

by Jordan Leendertsen on Apr 10, 2017 at 01:12 PM

Race the Sun developers Flippfly have detailed plans for a free update via the PlayStation Blog today.  Arriving April 18, the update includes support for the PS VR headset, and a relaxing new game mode called Sunrise. Unlike other game modes, there is no high score to chase or progressive difficulty in Sunrise mode.

The update also brings new portal destinations to the core game. Instead of simply disappearing into the Void when players enter the portal, there is a random chance to be transported to one of five different locations. Last but not least is the inclusion of a first-person mode, which can be activated at any time by pressing the square button – in case you ever wanted to really feel like a solar-powered polygon-bird.

The free update is set to hit Race the Sun on April 18.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]