Limited Run Games Publishing Physical Versions Of Ys Origin, Mutant Mudds, And Risk Of Rain

by Zak Wojnar on Apr 05, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Limited Run Games specializes in releasing limited physical editions of generally digital-only PlayStation titles. It only prints a few thousand copies of each game it releases, and sells them only through its website, appealing to collectors who appreciate the value of physical media over digital. Games like Firewatch and Thomas Was Alone have received the Limited Run treatment, and the niche distributor is adding several new titles to its roster.

Ys Origin was published for Windows in 2012 (2006 in Japan) and made its way to PlayStation 4 just this February, with a Vita version due next month. Limited Run will sell both versions, in both a Standard Edition and even more limited Collector's Edition. In addition, both entries in the popular retro-styled side-scrolling action platformer series Mutant Mudds will receive Limited Run printings, along with the roguelike hit, Risk of Rain.

These games will only be available on Limited Run's website, and, if they adhere to the company's usual standards, only several thousand units will be printed; if you want them, you better act fast!


Our Take
It's always great to see niche titles being championed by a physical distributor. Even if these games won't be on retail shelves, at least avid collectors will have the chance to display them on their personal shelves.