The Secret World Relaunching As Secret World Legends

by Matthew Kato on Mar 29, 2017 at 05:22 AM

Funcom has announced that its MMORPG The Secret World is going free to play, recasting itself as Secret World Legends this spring. The changes don't stop with the pay structure, as the game's combat and progress systems are being overhauled as well.

The new iteration of the game keeps the old one's story-based supernatural struggle in the modern world, and apart from the new combat, it also promises better graphics, an "improved flow of quests," and better onboarding for newcomers.

At this time no specific microtransactions have been detailed, but there is an optional Patron Rewards Program players can join for 30-day intervals that confers "extra features, additional convenience, and in-game bonuses" while you're paid up. Members of the current Secret World membership program can transfer that over to Legends' Patron program, including Grand Masters, who will be Patrons for life. Apart from the Patron program specifically, Funcom says that all future content will be free.

Existing players will have to start over with a new character (and/or they can keep playing The Secret World), but Funcom is implementing some ways to smooth the transition into Legends. For more on this and other details, check out Secret World Legends' FAQ.

Funcom has announced a closed beta for Legends, which you can sign up for here.

[Source: Funcom]


Our Take
This isn't the first time Funcom has tinkered with the world's pay structure, which is admirable in its adaptability. Secret World players: Will you try Legends? Funcom says that players will be able to "earn everything in the game without spending money," but it will be interesting to see how influential the Patron program is or is not in this regard.