Capcom Taking Steps To Improve Street Fighter V's Online

by Manon Hume on Mar 23, 2017 at 07:51 AM

PC players will soon have the chance to try out a slew of improvements to Street Fighter V's online mode during a free trial week. Players new to the game and those who already own it on Steam will be able to participate from March 28 at 1 PM PST to April 3 at 12 PM PST.

All Street Fighter V characters will be unlocked during the free week, including the latest addition to the roster, Kolin. Enhancements to the game's Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) include faster loading times, improved matchmaking, and overall balance adjustments for season two.

New features will also make their way onto the online experience, such as the ability to friend and blacklist players as well as add them to favorites, an interactive timeline of friends' activities, a penalty system for players who "rage quit," and leaderboard filters that rank players by country or league. 

After April 3, Capcom intends to release the update for PC and PS4 with consideration for player feedback during the free trial.

For more about Street Fighter V, check out more about the season two balance patch scheduled to release sometime next month and new fighter Kolin, as well as a mod that lets Zero Suit Samus join in on the action.

[Source: Capcom]