Nautical Roguelike Sunless Sea Launches For iPad Tomorrow

by Manon Hume on Mar 22, 2017 at 12:00 PM

First announced in January, the iPad port of Failbetter Games' spooky sea exploration title will launch for iOS users on March 23.

Containing all the core content of Sunless Sea (excluding the Zubmariner DLC expansion), Failbetter discussed some of the changes found in the iOS version of the game on Twitter. Two touch control systems will be available for use in navigating your ship on the 'Neath's expansive sea. Other changes include simplified speed controls for ships, cannon auto-fire when locked on to enemies, and a prow light which doesn't consume fuel.

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[Source: Failbetter Games via Twitter]


Our Take
Sunless Sea's ship navigation interface and controls were the most troublesome parts of the PC version, so Failbetter's tweaks should translate well to the iPad's touch screen. The auto-fire especially is a good move – no more frustrating misclicks in the heat of battle. Jillyfleurs beware.