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Next Pokémon Go Update Provides Guaranteed Way To Get Ultra-Rare Evolution Items

by Brian Shea on Mar 21, 2017 at 12:24 PM

Since the introduction of Gen 2 monsters into Niantic's popular app Pokémon Go, players have noted that the new evolution items that are required to evolve select creatures are too rare. The items, which are collected from Pokéstops, currently feature the lowest drop-rate of any item in the game. Niantic looks to remedy that with its next Pokémon Go title update, which is coming soon to both iOS and Android.

Now, when players complete their seven-day streak, which is achieved by activating at least one Pokéstop daily for seven consecutive days, they will receive a guaranteed evolution item. The item is chosen at random from the list of available evolution items and will be rewarded on the first Pokéstop activated on the seventh consecutive day.

If you're unfamiliar with the evolution items, here are which Pokémon they each affect. In order to evolve the following creatures, you need the evolution item in addition to the necessary candies.

  • King's Rock
    • Helps Poliwhirl evolve into Politoed (100 Candies)
    • Helps Slowpoke evolve into Slowking (50 Candies)
  • Dragon Scale
    • Helps Seadra evolve into Kingdra (50 Candies)
  • Metal Coat
    • Helps Onix evolve into Steelix (50 Candies)
    • Helps Scyther evolve into Scizor (50 Candies)
  • Sun Stone
    • Helps Gloom evolve into Bellossom (100 Candies)
    • Helps Sunkern evolve into Sunflora (50 Candies)
  • Up-Grade
    • Helps Porygon evolve into Porygon2 (50 Candies)

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[Source: Niantic]


Our Take
I was just thinking this morning how it's been too difficult to get an evolution item to drop. I have several monsters ready to evolve that I'm just waiting to stumble upon the necessary item to do so. I'm glad I now have some reassurance that I'll get one of the evolution items once per week.