Reader Discussion – What Games Would You Pay To Play Early?

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 18, 2017 at 12:30 PM

You could be playing Mass Effect: Andromeda right now, you know. Maybe not the whole thing, but if you have EA Access (on Xbox One) or Origin Access (on PC), you could be playing through the first 10 hours of Andromeda. But you have to pay for those services, which makes it a tricky proposition. It's not the first time this has happened, though; Forza Horizon was one of a handful of titles you could play days before its official launch if you ponied up for the special edition. Which begs the question: what game would it take to put you over the edge and pay up?

It's a difficult question, especially for someone in my position. As an editor for Game Informer, I regularly get codes and copies of games, occasionally before release. But that's not always the case, and I think that if I could have paid an extra $50 to have my own Switch and a copy of Breath of the Wild a week or two ahead of time, I would have been tempted. But usually, it's hard to know whether a game will be worth the extra money.

So what game would pay early to play, if at all? Have you imported games knowing they'd eventually wind up in the States? How much would you pay to play your most anticipated game? If you could pay $30 to play, say, Red Dead Redemption 2 a week ahead of release, would you? Let us know in the comments.