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Starbreeze Signs On As Publisher For System Shock 3

by Kimberley Wallace on Mar 14, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Today, Starbreeze announced a publishing deal with Otherside Entertainment to bring System Shock 3 to PC and other platforms. Starbreeze, a developer known for Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and two Chronicles of Riddick games, has recently been helping publish games, such as Dead By Daylight and Psychonauts 2. 

Industry veteran Warren Spector is currently spearheading System Shock 3's development with a team comprised of members who worked on previous System Shock games, Deus Ex, and Thief: The Dark Project. 

The game is still a ways out, and only in the early concept stages of development, but there's a lot of excitement to see the beloved franchise live on. "System Shock is one of those iconic franchises in the history of games that still gets my blood going and Mr. Spector is one of the founding fathers of the modern action/RPG" said Bo Andersson-Klint, Starbreeze CEO in a press release. "We're greatly looking forward to bringing System Shock 3 to players world wide in our collaboration with Otherside Entertainment and Warren Spector's team. I'll be first in line to play".

Starbreeze is investing $12 million, a considerable sum for an independent project. As for how the deal shakes out, Starbreeze can recoup 120 percent of its full investment including marketing costs. Its shares of revenues become 50 percent after the investment is recouped. Otherside Entertainment retains complete control of the intellectual property relating to System Shock 3.

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Our Take
Anything that helps System Shock 3 become the best game it can be is good news, and a $12 million investment is huge. The publishing deal specifically listed helping it come to PC, but also said other platforms. While it didn't specify which ones, if this helps it reach console, that'd be great. I'm glad Otherside still retains complete control of the System Shock IP. The game still seems a way out, so I'll be most interested in learning more as time goes on.