New Overwatch Character Orisa Launches Next Week

by Kimberley Wallace on Mar 14, 2017 at 05:22 AM

After finally revealing Orisa and putting her through the paces on the PTR, the newest Overwatch character finally has a debut date. Orisa will be playable starting March 21, a week from today.

The new tank hosts a bevy of skills that are sure to be beneficial to your team. She can toss out a protective barrier to shield her teammates from fire, or use a graviton charge to pull nearby enemies to its location. The robot even has a power called “fortify” to temporarily reduce the damage she takes, and also voids any action-impairing effects targeted at her. Reinhardt’s stun and charge have nothing against Orisa. As far as muscle goes, she has a projectile cannon that slows her movement, similar to D.Va. Her ultimate is the best for firepower under duress  it supercharges damage for allies within her line-of-sight. 

You can check out the behind-the-scenes video below to get the lowdown on Orisa, and start deciding if she’s the character for you.

For more on Orisa, you can watch her origin story here