Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross Update Announced

by Manon Hume on Mar 10, 2017 at 09:08 AM

Square Enix announced that mobile RPG Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will soon be relaunched as Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross. Sometime next month, a free update will add the new Union Cross multiplayer mode, allowing parties of up to six players to take on the Heartless together through the game's matchmaking feature.

To go along with the new multiplayer mode, the update will also allow players to communicate with each other by introducing emotes and text options. Other additions to Union X Cross include new quests and missions for players to complete, additional backstory in the Kingdom Hearts universe, and a theater mode to rewatch unlocked cutscenes and animations.

Players can pre-register for the free update from the game's official site here to receive exclusive wallpapers and in-game rewards. Any user who logs in to the game after the update's launch next month will receive in-game gifts to commemorate the relaunch as well.

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Our Take
Since Union X Cross' story is tied to the events Kingdom Hearts III, this relaunch should give fans some new backstory to mull over until Kingdom Hearts III gets a release date.