Solo Players Can Check Out One Of Mass Effect Andromeda's Planets In EA Access

by Jeff Cork on Mar 06, 2017 at 04:07 AM

Mass Effect Andromeda is coming in a few short weeks, but EA Access members will be able to get their hands on it a little earlier. A BioWare producer has provided some additional info on what players can expect from the timed tease.

Starting March 16, members of EA Access can play the game on Xbox One and PC for 10 hours. That time is shared between the single-player and multiplayer aspects of the game. As with other EA Access early looks, such as Battlefield 1, you're not exactly getting the full game. In this case, you can check out a couple of story missions on a planet and continue to explore on your own. Producer Fernando Melo explained this point on Twitter in response to a question.

Players can also check out the multiplayer during the demo as well. Take a look at our hands-on impressions for a glimpse at what you can expect.