Blizzard Reveals Orisa, Overwatch's Newest Character

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 02, 2017 at 06:16 AM

After dropping teases in developer talks, social channels, and the game client itself, Blizzard has finally unveiled the latest character to join the Overwatch roster: Orisa.

As we speculated in our teaser coverage, the character will be a robot attacked by Doomfist and rebuilt by genius inventor Efi Oladele, the character Blizzard highlighted in their teasers. You can watch the full trailer for the character below, and read Blizzard's full blog entry on the character here.

Orisa has a rotating Fusion Driver at her disposal, which functions as her primary weapon. The alternate fire fires a pulse that can suck in enemies, similar to Zarya's Ultimate. She can also use fortify to increase her survivabiltiy and make her immune to ability effects. Her protective barrier works similarly to other barrier abilities, but can be fired from afar and remains stationary after launching. Her ultimate plants a supercharger on on the ground and increases nearby enemies' attack power (like an offensive version of Symmetra's alternate ultimate ability). The difference is that allies need to be within the supercharger's line of sight in order to receive the buff. Additionally, she's the first quadruped character in the game, though it's hard to know how that will affect her movement. She also looks to have a profile around the size of Winston Roadhog's, which works, since she's a Tank-class character. You can watch Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan give a more in-depth rundown of the character below.