Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer Beta Has Been Canceled

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 01, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Tucked away within BioWare's plans for the PAX East 2017 convention (which includes the chance for attendees to play the game's cooperative multiplayer for the first time) was a disappointing announcement: the game's "multiplayer tech test" has been canceled.

"There will no longer a multiplayer tech test for players at home," said BioWare's Sean Trayner in a blog post today. "Thank you to everyone who signed up. We look forward to seeing you in Andromeda."

Mass Effect's multiplayer is still something of a mystery, as we are still not quite sure how it will tie into the campaign. Additionally, BioWare recently announced the game will not use dedicated servers, relying on peer-to-peer connections, as Mass Effect 3's multiplayer did.

[Source: BioWare Official Blog]


Our Take
Not having the chance to test out the multiplayer could hurt both fans who were eager to see how the game played and BioWare itself, which may not be as prepared for the day-on onslaught of players they could receive. Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was well-regarded so we can only hope Andromeda's is up to par.