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You Can Now Change Your Twitch Username

by Jeff Cork on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:58 AM

Coming up with a username isn't easy. Sometimes your actual name or usual online handle is available, or you're able to come up with something clever on the fly. Other times, you choke. If you're a Twitch user who is stuck with a bad username – or just one that you're kind of sick of – you've had to either abandon it (and whatever online equity you've earned) or simply suffer. That changes today. Twitch has announced that you'll be able to change your username, with a few important caveats.

If you go to your profile settings on the site, you'll notice a new option next to your username: an edit button. You can use it once every 60 days, changing your name to one that's available. Twitch will hold your old username for at least six months, with the option of eventually kicking it back to the list of available names.

Twitch notes that changing your username will also change the URL of your channel's page (for obvious reasons), and that your old URL won't redirect to the new one. That's up to you to take care of, if you have links to your channel elsewhere. 

[Source: Twitch]


Our Take
This is great news, particularly if you've outgrown being a snipa or the number 420 has lost its allure. If you decide to change your username, you should take a second and follow us on Twitch while you're over there.