Trailer Reveals Bretonnia Faction For Total War: Warhammer

by Matt Miller on Feb 21, 2017 at 09:59 AM

Total War: Warhammer’s release last year offered ample evidence that the Total War franchise still has some exciting new avenues to explore, as expressed through a sprawling fantasy military adventure. You can read our full review of the initial release. The strategy game has continued to expand, and next week on February 28, players can add a new army into their battles, and all the expanded unit options come without any additional charge once you own the game. 

The Bretonnia race looks like it’s inspired by Arthurian legend, replete with strong notions of honor and chivalry. Add in magical effects like spectral knights and pegasi, and fans of the game should have a fun new faction to discover (or defeat) in the coming months. 

A stirring trailer offers an early look at the Bretonnia faction in advance of next week’s launch. The video is notable for using the in-game engine to express its cinematic style.