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Latest Destiny Update Brings New Balance Changes

by Joe Juba on Feb 15, 2017 at 05:44 AM

Bungie continues to update is online multiplayer shooter, and the latest hotfix for Destiny has a significant impact on players' PvP experience. 

According to Bungie's notes, the rebalancing efforts for the sandbox apply across the whole game, but will have important ramifications in the Crucible. 

Important changes involve modifications to the special ammo economy, Elimination game mode structure (which affects Trials of Osiris), and the properties of certain primary weapons like the recently popular high rate-of-fire  pulse rifles. Of particular note, shotguns are seeing some dramatic changes to the way they shoot, which may have a profound effect on the flow of most multiplayer competitive matches.

Of course, the full list is more detailed and exhaustive. Check it out for the complete rundown.


Our Take
Destiny has not been getting much new content, and this rebalance doesn't make major strides toward giving players anything new to accomplish. However, the changes do show Bungie's commitment to fine-tuning the experience, so lapsed players may still have fun jumping back into their Guardians' shoes.