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New Ghost In The Shell Trailer Shows Cyborg Scarlett Johansson Wreaking Havoc

by Matt Bertz on Feb 13, 2017 at 07:45 AM

Despite cries of whitewashing regarding Scarlett Johansson being cast as the lead in the action film rendition of Japanese manga/anime cult classic Ghost In The Shell, the early trailers have been received quite well. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Paramount tapping Johansson for the starring role of Major Motoko Kusanagi, the gorgeous cyberpunk setting, action sequences, and special effects look promising. 

The latest trailer is our deepest look yet at how director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsmen) is bringing Masamune Shirow's iconic manga to life on the silver screen.

Ghost in the Shell releases on March 31.