More Roadhog, Winston Tweaks Coming To Overwatch

by Jeff Cork on Feb 10, 2017 at 03:45 AM

Roadhog was recently tweaked, addressing the Overwatch character's hook to make it less of a magical tool that could yank enemies through walls. Blizzard is preparing another round of changes to the big guy, as well as something that's bound to help Winston players.

According to a post on Blizzard's site from principal designer Geoff Goodman, the spread of Roadhog's scrap gun is getting dialed in a little – 20 percent, to be exact. That additional level of precision sounds like a welcome change for players frustrated by the shotgun's current blast radius. In addition, his hook is getting another round of tweaks. Targets are now pulled to a spot 3.5 meters away from Roadhog, which is a bit farther than its current 2 meter zone. In other words, victims won't be yanked quite as closely to Roadhog when they're snared by his hook. The weapon's cooldown is also increasing from six to eight seconds.

"The Roadhog changes overall reduce the power of his hook a bit, but his gun is now more effective when not using the hook," Goodman writes.

Winston's change is smaller – and that's great news. Specifically, the size of his noggin's critical-hit box is getting reduced by 15 percent. "Winston's head hit volume was just abnormally big, making him take more damage than he otherwise should," Goodman writes. "This change brings it more in line with other heroes."

The changes will be coming to the test servers "soon."

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
Could this be the reason my few attempts at playing Winston have ended so abruptly? Probably not, but until these changes go live, that's what I'm going to blame.