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Pokémon Center Launches Ditto Plush Collection

by Manon Hume on Feb 09, 2017 at 08:28 AM

Look at this cute Pikachu doll! Isn't it absolutely... wait, what's up with its eyes? Surprise, it was Ditto all along!

The Pokémon Center's new Ditto Plush Collection has the series' shape-shifting creature taking the form of well-known Pokémon from the original 150. Plushes and keychains of Gen 1's starters, Eeveelutions, Clefairy, and Gengar sport Ditto's trademark beady-eyed smile. The line also includes Ditto in its original, non-transformed state as a keychain and a sleepy 17-inch plush to cuddle with for a post-battle nap.

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[Source: Pokémon Center]