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YouTuber Creates Lego Replica Of Lucio's Sonic Amplifier From Overwatch

by Elise Favis on Feb 05, 2017 at 09:25 AM

ZaziNombies, a YouTuber known for his Lego creations based off popular video games, has devoted his latest replica to Overwatch. In his new video, he shows off a Lego recreation of Lucio's weapon from Overwatch.

In Overwatch, Lucio blasts enemies with the power of sound, thanks to his musical weapon known as the sonic amplifier. It's used to both heal your team or boost their movement speed as well. ZaziNombies' replica of the gun measures 17 and a half inches in length and weighs three pounds, as well as includes a mount inside the sound dish on the front to place a music player inside. It was built with around 850 Lego bricks.

This isn't the first Overwatch-themed Lego creation from ZaziNombies. Late last year, he also built Reaper's dual shotguns. To view all of ZaziNombies Lego builds, check out his YouTube channel. For more replicas of Lucio's rhythmic weapon, check out this real-life 3D printed version of it.