Mobile Firm Reports Strong Numbers For Fire Emblem Heroes' Launch

by Kimberley Wallace on Feb 03, 2017 at 11:09 AM

Fire Emblem is the latest series Nintendo is testing the mobile waters with. Although it's not as popular of a franchise as previous mobile endeavors such as Mario or Pokémon, it's still off to a strong start according to mobile marketing intelligence firm Sensor Tower. 

Today, Sensor Tower reports that the free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed $2.9 million worldwide in its first day and has been downloaded more than two million times from the App Store and Google Play. Sensor Tower says this tops Clash Royale's launch, which it reports made $1.4 million on its launch day, but had the same number of downloads. The firm also compares this to its launch day revenues for Pokémon Go at $10.2 million and Mario Run at $8.4 million (although keep in mind that Mario Run was behind a $10 paywall). For a niche series like Fire Emblem, this means it's off to a good start. The big challenge ahead will be if it can engage its player base for the long haul. Sensor Tower also notes that the majority of Fire Emblem Heroes downloads have come from Japan, which isn't that surprising considering the popularity of the series and mobile games there. 

Time will tell how Fire Emblem Heroes fares, and if Nintendo releases any official numbers. For now, this is based off Sensor Tower's report, which also said the company will "check back on the game as we get further from release to see how these day one metrics hold up."

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[Source: Sensor Tower via VentureBeat]


Our Take 
As a big Fire Emblem fan, I like that Nintendo has been putting the series more in the spotlight. It doesn't surprise me that it's most successful in Japan right now. I started Fire Emblem Heroes last night, and as a long-time fan, I reveled in getting iconic heroes to use in my party. It's too early to tell how long I'll stick with it, or if it will provide compelling reasons for me to keep logging on, but I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I will be interested to see if Nintendo releases numbers to back up Sensor Tower's findings. It's hard to confirm how accurate these are without Nintendo lending confirmation.