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Report: Switch Menu Leak Reveals Extra Storage Space For Dev Units

by Jeff Cork on Feb 01, 2017 at 06:01 AM

Nintendo is broadcasting an ad during this weekend's Super Bowl, showing off the Nintendo Switch (and little more than a second of Breath of the Wild). The company's Portugal wing apparently showed a bit more than it had planned to, uploading a version of the ad on YouTube that included a few shots of the console's developer menus.

The video has been pulled, but a fast-fingered NeoGAF user snapped some screengrabs beforehand. The menus show off a few interesting under-the-hood tidbits, such as an option to display the device's remaining battery life as a percentage, brightness settings, and automatic date and time updates.

Perhaps the biggest thing featured, however, is that the developer units apparently feature 64 GB of internal storage, as opposed to the 32 GB that the retail units are shipping with. To be clear, this is storage space, not RAM, so it's not likely that this would have any effect on game development at all.


Our Take
This is slightly embarrassing for Nintendo, mostly for releasing a video that featured placeholder footage instead of gameplay. Players will be able to upgrade their Switch's capacity by 2 terabytes, but I don't think anyone would have complained about having an additional 32 GB out of the gate.