Payday 2 And Shadow Warrior 2 Crossover Event Announced Alongside Steam Bundle

by Jordan Leendertsen on Jan 31, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Publishers Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, as well as developers Starbreeze and Overkill announced a crossover for the first person shooters Shadow Warrior 2 and Payday 2 today. The crossover event, which is currently underway, puts two Payday 2 weapons and the iconic Dallas mask into Shadow Warrior 2. Meanwhile, Payday 2 players will be able  to use Shadow Warrior 2's Katana as well as several demon masks.

Additionally, Steam has a promotional bundle for both games, which takes 25-percent off of Shadow Warrior 2, and 75-percent off of Payday 2. Players who already own one of the games get an additional 10 percent off.

Shadow Warrior 2 released on PC last year. You can read what Javy Gwaltney thought of the experience here.


Our Take  
It's always nice to see publishers and developers collaborating like this, especially when the properties are likely to have some overlap in their audiences. Payday 2 is no stranger to crossover content. Previously, Flying Wild Hog gave players weapons and characters from franchises such as Hotline Miami and John Wick. While Shadow Warrior 2 may not have the same history of crossing over with other properties that Payday does, perhaps this could open the door to more opportunities down the line, which would be fun and lead to a healthy lifespan for the shooter.