Namco Founder, 'Father Of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura Has Died

by Jeff Cork on Jan 30, 2017 at 04:01 AM

Masaya Nakamura, Namco founder and so-called "Father of Pac-Man" has died at 91. Nakamura grew his company from a handful of mechanical rides in 1955 to an early dominant force in the early days of arcades, thanks in large part to the success of Pac-Man.

Under Nakamura's guidance, Toru Iwatani's creation became a worldwide phenomenon. And Ms. Pac-Man would have sported a full head of hair if not for Nakamura's insistence that it be removed in the follow-up game.

After the merger of Namco and Bandai in 2005, Nakamura retained an honorary position within the company.

Nakamura died January 22, but the news was announced today on Bandai Namco's site.


Our Take
Masaya Nakamura's contributions to gaming continue to be felt today. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.