BioWare's New IP Isn't An RPG

by Ben Reeves on Jan 30, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Earlier today during an EA investors call, the company revealed a small number of details about BioWare's brand-new IP, which is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018.

Obviously, we don't know much about this mysterious BioWare project, but it sounds like it could be an action game that features some kind of social or multiplayer component. In a blog post put up after the EA call, BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn said that the studio has been working on the game since 2012, and that the game would "bring players together in exciting new ways." EA also called out the fact that the game wouldn't be an RPG. Previously, BioWare said that they were working on a game within a new universe, full of new characters, stories, and gameplay.


Our Take
This new IP is probably Casey Hudson’s old project. Considering the success of Destiny, we wouldn't be surprised if BioWare attempted something along those lines. However, the detail that the game won't be an RPG is interesting. Does EA mean that it won't be a traditional RPG, or that it won't be RPG focused? We'd find it strange if BioWare's new game didn't feature any kind of progression system. For further insight into the new project, listen to our interview with BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn – skip to the 20-minute mark to hear him talk about the new IP.