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Overwatch's Year Of The Rooster Event Now Live

by Jeff Cork on Jan 24, 2017 at 07:30 AM

Blizzard is unleashing its latest seasonal event today, which honors the Year of the Rooster. The update includes more than 100 new cosmetic items themed to the Chinese lunar new year, and a new brawl that offers a poultry-themed twist on capture the flag.

Starting today, players can earn Lunar Loot Boxes, which contain at least one item of Year of the Rooster loot – whether it's a player icon, spray, victory pose, emote, highlight intro, voice line, or skin is up to the luck of the draw. In addition, players can check out the new Capture the Rooster brawl, in which players race to capture the opposing team's rooster-emblazoned flag and return it safely to their own base.

For more on Capture the Rooster, take a look at this developer walkthrough of the mode.

The event is available starting today on PC and consoles, and it runs through February 13. If you see something you like in the trailer above, you should probably start working now, since these things have a tendency to disappear forever once the event ends.