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New Might & Magic Title Brings Out The Miniatures

by Matthew Kato on Jan 19, 2017 at 08:56 AM

Painting miniatures sounds great in theory, until you realize you can't even make a paint-by-numbers look right. Have no fear, Ubisoft's new Might & Magic title – subtitled Showdown, brings the act of figure painting into the virtual world, and not only makes your creations look good, but lets you focus on brining them into battle.

The game starts out with 20 characters (seven heroes and 12 creatures), with players earning coins to unlock everything via play. You can then customize/paint them through either an auto fill-in tool or freehand.

Once you've got everything looking good, you bring your hero and up to three creatures into an arena that lets you battle against the other side in real-time, complete with the ability to program your creatures. The game features a 30-mission single-player campaign that lets you get used to combat before you take your creations online to face real opponents. Winning gets you rewards like new attacks, paint colors, and other fun stuff.

Might & Magic: Showdown is now in Steam Early Access for $20.

[Source: Ubisoft]