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No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown Will Appear In New Nintendo Switch Game From Suda 51

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 12, 2017 at 05:10 PM

Suda 51 has a knack for never following the beaten path, so it's no surprise that his presentation during Nintendo's recent press event for Switch was a bit of a stumper.

Suda announced he is currently working on a game for Nintendo Switch. Curiously, he announced the game will feature Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes fame and showed of a picture of Touchdown in a shirt bearing the phrase "Travis strikes again.," but mentioned the game did not currently have a title.

This is an interesting detail, but not necessarily a new twist for Suda; characters from his games tend to cross over into other universes. A character named Sumio Mondo appeared in both The Silver Case and Flower, Sun, and Rain, and Edo Macalister appeared in both Flower, Sun, and Rain and Killer7. So it's entirely likely Travis Touchdown could appear in a game with an entirely new world and set of characters.

Suda then briefly mentioned that about a year ago, he traveled around the various gaming events, exchanging ideas with indie developers about Switch. He'd heard the console was particularly easy for indie creators to develop games for, and thought that ease of creation was a good match for his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture's, design philosophy, which eventually lead him to designing a new game for Switch.

He's eager to create a game that will take advantage of the Switch's features, but did not offer details about gameplay. Instead, he mentioned the game will be "heavily influenced by pro wrestling," and that he'd "love to see Travis running around in a game for Nintendo Switch." He offered no further information on the game's release date or other details.

He then thanked the crowd and, in typical Suda fashion, signed off in an ecstatic and wacky pose.