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nintendo switch

1-2-Switch Is A Multiplayer Game That Doesn't Require A Screen

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 12, 2017 at 04:25 PM

Would you believe Nintendo announced a game that doesn't require a screen at all? The first game shown at today's Nintendo Switch Presentation is called 1-2-Switch, it's a two-player party game that Nintendo says is best played by looking into the eyes of your opponent, studying their body language, and reacting to their movements.

Each player holds one of the two joy-cons that come with the Switch unit. The idea of this game was first shown in a live-action sequence that shows a high-noon standoff between two cowboys. They gazed deeply into each other's eyes for a few seconds, and then reached to their holsters to draw their weapons, which just happened to be joy-cons. It wasn't entirely obvious what happened next, but it looked like the losing cowboy's joy-con was vibrating. The TV screen, which apparently isn't required, may have shown the time it took each cowboy to draw.

Yes, this game sounds confusing, but it looks simple and consists of a number of activities ranging from dancing and sword fighting to boxing and what appeared to be a shaving competition, with both players using the joy-con to mimic a morning shave. The screen clearly introduces and shows visuals for the game type at play, but isn't required to be viewed by the players when the action begins.

1-2-Switch is launching on the same day as the Switch hardware on March 3.