Horror Game Sunless Sea Heading To iOS

by Jeff Cork on Jan 11, 2017 at 08:58 AM

Last year's Sunless Sea introduced PC players to a nautical-based take on Lovecraftian horror, with players taking their ship across an unexplored – and mind-bending – ocean. Today, developer Failbetter Games announced that, as part of the studio's seventh birthday, it is bringing the game to iOS audiences this spring.

The port will include all of the original game and its updates, aside from the Zubmariner expansion. It's being handled by BlitWorks, a studio that has worked to bring games such as Bastion and Broken Age over to the mobile platform. 


Our Take
Dan Tack reviewed the original release for us and liked it a fair bit. His major criticisms centered around the UI, which is bound to be reconfigured to accommodate the touchscreen inputs. Who knows – perhaps this could end up being even better than the original version of the game.