Starbound Developer Teases Turn-Based Strategy Game

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 03, 2017 at 07:50 AM

After the success of the its space-faring title Starbound, Chucklefish Games has already begun working on its next project, which looks to take equal influence from Nintendo's Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series.

We first saw the project (which currently does not have an official name) back in August, when Chuckfish Games CEO Finn Bryce tweeted a screenshot of the game, saying, "Another project we're considering... Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem, with online multiplayer, on PC." A few weeks ago, Bryce tweeted a short video which showed the construction of a sample level.

Today, Bryce showed off another screenshot of the game, which currently looks a bit more polished than the August version of the project.

Though the team has not officially announced the title, these tweets make a pretty big case for this being Chucklefish Games' next game.

[Source: Twitter via PC Gamer]


Our Take
The Advance Wars series is easily one of my top five of all time, so I'm definitely excited about the idea of a new game of that ilk. This looks to call back to it more than other games that have tried to emulate that series, like Great Little War Game, so it does touch on my nostalgia a bit as well. And since Nintendo hasn't released an Advance Wars game in nine years as of this month, we're more than due for a game that reminds me of that forgotten series.