GTA Online Holiday Event Introduces Juggernaut Mode

by Matt Miller on Dec 23, 2016 at 08:01 AM

New details have emerged regarding GTA Online’s holiday event, which includes the addition of a new Adversary mode called Juggernaut. In the latest mode, two opposing teams each must try and take out the opponent’s juggernaut character, even while attempting to keep their own Juggernaut from harm. In a fun twist, if neither team is able to take out the opposition before time runs out, then everyone transforms into a Juggernaut until someone is killed. 

In addition to the launch of the new Juggernaut mode, devoted GTA Online players can expect to find a re-imagined Pfister Comet sports car now available to drive, not to mention an ongoing snow-theme that is blanketing the game in white through December 26. Log in on Christmas day, and you can also expect to get a bunch of fun treats, including a set of pajamas (blue or white), a unicorn mask, and a whole stocking full of explosive munitions and ammo. 

You can read all about GTA Online's holiday shenanigans on Rockstar's official site


Our Take
If you’re part of the enthusiastic community that still spends time in GTA Online, it seems like a login this Sunday would be wise.