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Final Fantasy VII Remake Is A Long Ways Off, But You Can Get The Toys Soon

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 23, 2016 at 06:01 AM

The 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII is next February. There's a chance Square Enix could celebrate this momentous event with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake at some point in 2017, but that's wishful thinking, especially considering how long it took the company to release Final Fantasy XV. Square has said Final Fantasy VII Remake will be an episodic series, similar in design to Final Fantasy XIII, with each installment being a full-length RPG experience.

Regardless of the hazy future for this game, Square is releasing two action figures for it in April 2017. The newly designed Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace join Square's long-running (and immensely popular) Play Arts Kai line of action figures. Cloud stands in at 10.75", and comes packaged with his Buster Sword, a stand, and a variety of hands. He will retail for roughly $120. Barret is the same price, but is slightly taller, standing in at 11.6". He comes with removable sunglasses, a stand, and one extra hand.

Perhaps the release date will sync up with the delivery of the final figure in this line. Here's hoping Square delivers more information on these figures soon. There's a good chance we could hear more in February.