Blizzard Recaps Overwatch In 2016, Teases What's Next For 2017

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 21, 2016 at 12:05 PM

Overwatch had a good 2016, but Blizzard is too busy looking toward 2017 to reflect on it too much.

In the video below, director Jeff Kaplan briefly talks about how 2016 went and offered lots of teases for next year. Immediate plans includes ongoing balance patches, including some for Sombra, though Kaplan cautions that they are waiting for players to get the hang of her before they make too many tweaks. He also says that customizations for the communication wheel are on the way, including the option to take up to four voice lines, four emotes, and four sprays into battle with you.

The map Oasis is expected to be available early 2017, and Kaplan assures the team is working on multiple new maps and characters. He didn't offer any details, but said that one character is more or less locked in and is already going through the art development process.

Other teases include improved spectator modes, eSport-focused updates, updates that will encourage players to join team chat, and more. You won't find any concrete announcements in the video, but as a general overview of what the team is working on, it's an effective tease.

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