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Media Molecule's Dreams Beta Delayed

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 16, 2016 at 10:59 AM

Media Molecule provided an update today, confirming that the beta for Dreams will be delayed. The developer wasn't at this year's PSX with the game, making many wonder what was going on with the project, which was supposed to have a beta out this year. It turns out the team has been hard at work trying to realize its lofty ambitions. 

"Now I know it may be difficult to hear, and delays make us sad too," writes studio director Siobhan Reddy. "However Dreams is Big. Really big. I mean, we always knew we were a bit crazy, but the enormity of it has taken even us by surprise. And rather than cutting corners we are staying true to our  vision – that Dreams isn’t just about drawing, or sculpting, but also game creation, storytelling, animation, music and sound, all rolled into one whole beautiful PlayStation game."

Even though the beta has been delayed, plenty of progress has been made on the game. Reddy says the team has made "good progress on the game's campaign," have a rough cut of the full feature set, and even started the QA/developer version of the trial. 

You can read Reddy's full post here


Our Take
It's good to hear that the team is making progress, and I agree with Reddy that it's better to iron out the kinks instead of letting the players deal with bugs or unfinished features. After all, first impressions are important. Still, I'm excited to see what Media Molecule has up its sleeves. Last year at PSX, I had the opportunity to chat with the team, and I was blown away by all the stuff it plans to include in this game.