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Grand Theft Auto Online Expands Into Import/Export Business Today

by Matt Bertz on Dec 13, 2016 at 05:53 AM

Today another massive content drop arrives for Grand Theft Auto Online. The Import/Export expansion builds off the previous Further Adventure of Finance and Felony track, allowing criminal enterprises to expand into car theft to advance their organizations. Stealing cars and bringing them to your HQ to modify and resell them for big money is the name of the game now. 

Your outfit can purchase an executive office garage that can eventually house a whopping 60 vehicles as you add new floors, making them the biggest automotive showrooms in GTA history. Once you own the entry level office garage (which houses 20 cars) you can build an onsite mod shop that gives you access to any customization option you would find at Benny's Motor Works.

Investing in a vehicle warehouse (which is different than the office garage) opens up a new line of cargo missions that challenge players to boost luxury vehicles and returning them unscathed – easier said than done. These missions go beyond just going to a point on the map and hot-wiring a car; sometimes all you have to go off is a photograph to decipher the location, and other missions task you with breaking into secure compounds. The warehouses can keep up to 40 vehicles. When you renovate these locations, their underground storage facilities can house the eight new special vehicles, which include a buggy with a ramped front, a truck with a massive plow on front, and several armed vehicles like a rocket firing muscle car.

As with every GTA Online expansion, Import/Export comes with another infusion of fashion clothing, and tattoos. Check out the trailer below: