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Footage From Canceled Doom Game Shown In Doom Documentary

by Javy Gwaltney on Dec 12, 2016 at 02:00 PM

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Before Id Software started developing what would eventually become that rad DOOM game that came out earlier this year, there was another stab at DOOM being developed between it and DOOM 3. Trailers and images leaked for that game a couple of years ago, revealing something that looked a lot more like Call of Duty than what gamers tend to associate with DOOM. The project was canned as Id went back to the drawing board.

The latest documentary by Noclip, headed up by Gamespot alumni Danny O'Dwyer, is called DOOM Resurrected - To Hell & Back. The first episode in a series about DOOM spends a great deal of time focusing on Id Software's history and the struggles that eventually led to the latest DOOM game. During the course of the documentary, new gameplay footage of the cancelled DOOM game (often called "Call of Doom" by its detractors) is revealed at the 13 minute mark. However, the whole episode is a pretty fascinating look at not just the cancelled project and 2016's DOOM but also RAGE and DOOM 3 and is definitely worth your time.

You can watch all of DOOM Resurrected - To Hell & Back right here:

Noclip's previous series was an extensive look at Rocket League, another game we really dug. You can check out the documentary crew's work on their YouTube page here.

[Source: Noclip]


Our Take
I'm a huge Id Software fan and so this documentary as well as the footage from the cancelled DOOM we never got to play is a bloody treat.