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Take A Look At How The Dungeons In The Minish Cap Work

by Suriel Vazquez on Dec 10, 2016 at 12:36 PM

Mark Brown has been delving into the unique dungeon designs of the Zelda series for a while now. Previously, he tackled both of the Capcom-developed Oracle games, as well as The Wind Waker. This time, he pulls apart the inner workings of the dungeons of the oft-forgotten Game Boy Advance entry in the series, The Minish Cap.

As Brown remarks, The Minish Cap uses a number of interesting ideas to make sure this title feels as interesting as any full-sized Zelda game. Being able to shrink down to miniature size not only makes for some interesting puzzles, but allows for cool moments such as fighting a ChuChu as a boss, and destroying a mechanical beast from the inside. Brown also comments on how the game uses a mix of designs that have the player both figure out where their next objective is after acquiring a new item, and having the only path they can take lead to where the item needs to be used. You can watch Brown put on his thinking cap to talk about the game below.