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Learn How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse – For Real – In Dead Rising 4 Tips Video

by Jeff Cork on Dec 06, 2016 at 04:06 AM

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Dead Rising 4 is out today, bringing the zombie-filled action back to where it all began in Willamette, Colorado. Frank West has done this all before, so taking on hordes of reanimated corpses is old hat for him. The rest of us could probably stand for some kind of refresher course, which is where Major Nelson's new video guide comes in.

In the video, zombie expert Cameron Carlson from the Zombie Research Society walks Larry Hryb through what he needs to keep an eye out for during the zombie apocalypse. If you're looking for some good general survival tips on where to find food, what can be used to start fires, and how to make a swinging weapon from an office chair, this the the video for you. There's also plenty of in-game footage from Dead Rising 4 to further illustrate the concepts that are being discussed in the live-live action video.

Dead Rising 4 is available now on Xbox One and PC.