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Star Wars: The Old Republic Raises Stakes In New Update

by Kevin Slackie on Dec 02, 2016 at 06:36 AM

The ever expanding backstory for Star Wars is about to get a little bigger with the newest expansion to The Old Republic MMORPG. This latest update, Knights of the Eternal Throne, is a story driven quest centralized around a royal family fighting for their right to sovereignty.

The player doesn't take direct control of these feuding relatives. Instead they control the Outlander, a third party that can directly shape the events to favor either the light or dark side of the Force. The fight continues even after the successor has been decided, as players have to defend the throne from other usurpers.

No pricing details have been announced yet, though this update will be free for premium subscribers to the MMO. This expansion is meatier than the recent housing update, though it still doesn't feed our need for a Knights of the Old Republic sequel.