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This Wireless Controller Fixes A Big Problem With The NES Classic Edition

by Kevin Slackie on Nov 30, 2016 at 07:25 AM

One of the biggest gripes about the NES Classic Edition(besides its extreme scarcity) is how amazingly short the controller cable is. 8bitdo has a bluetooth solution to this conundrum that works with a variety of controllers as well as the packed-in NES30 seen above.

Besides the convenience of a world without wires, the NES30 allows you to access the home menu by pressing two buttons rather than hitting reset on the console. That means that not only can you sit a comfortable distance from the system while you play, but you also won't have to jump up to hit the reset button every time you want to switch games. The controller dongle is set to go on sale for $39.99 on December 11, though pre-orders are available on Amazon now. For more on the NES Classic Edition, read our review, or check out our video of the system in action.

Our Take
If you can manage to get a hold of the NES Classic in the first place, this seems to be the best way to actually play the darn thing. A two-foot cord never should have been the length to begin with, and requiring players to press a button on the console to access the menu is just a hassle.