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Console Lucio Player Moves To PC, Drops Beats On Everyone

by Ian Boudreau on Nov 21, 2016 at 06:18 AM

YouTuber DSPStanky made waves a couple months back with a video highlight reel demonstrating elite-level skills playing as Overwatch's Lucio. Incredible wall-riding, hilarious boops, and perfectly-timed ultimates string together into an almost unbelievable chain of beat-dropping perfection.

Amazing as this was, there were the inevitable comments: "Try pulling this off on PC."

Not one to take a challenge lying down, DSPStanky built a new PC and started from square one.

The result? Well, check out the video below. DSPStanky quickly rose through the ranks of Overwatch's competitive scene and is now one of the game's top players, with a skill rating of more than 4,000.

[Source: Kotaku]