Grab A New 3DS For $100 On Black Friday

by Michael Leri on Nov 07, 2016 at 06:49 AM

Black Friday will mark the cheapest point for the New Nintendo 3DS. Starting on November 25, the Super Mario-themed New 3DS – and only this 3DS – will be $99.99 at all retailers in the United States. However, Nintendo has not signaled if the price will go back up after the holidays.

The two Mushroom Kingdom-embossed editions of the New 3DS will be available in black or white. This is timed near the release of some upcoming 3DS games like Pokemon Sun/Moon and Super Mario Maker, which come out on November 18 and December 2 respectively.

[Source: Nintendo, Polygon]


Our Take
Great Black Friday deals are sure to start pouring in like this and are almost essential for this expensive hobby.