blizzcon 2016

Get A Look At Sombra's Abilities And Origins In New Overwatch Trailers

by Suriel Vazquez on Nov 04, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Now that Blizzard has finally confirmed Sombra as the latest character trailer, we can move away from cryptic ARGs and get into what really matters: what does Sombra actually do for her team?

Turns out, she hacks. She can render turrets, health packs, and certain heroes useless by hacking them, avoid bad enounters and sneak into enemy territory by cloaking, and render shields and character abilities useless with her EMP ultimate ability. You can watch Sombra hack all kinds of things in the trailer below.

Blizzard also released another trailer detailing Sombra's backstory. You can watch that trailer below.