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Blizzard Officially Introduces New Overwatch Character Sombra

by Matt Bertz on Nov 04, 2016 at 08:08 AM

Update: The official Overwatch website now lists Sombra and her abilities.

Sombra is an offensive hero based on shutting down her opponents and making her location hard to pin down. She’s armed with a fully-automatic machine pistol that she can use in conjunction with her cybernetic powers. Sombra’s hack ability can be used on health packs to make useless for the opposing team or on enemy players to stop their abilities. She can also turn invisible through her thermoptic camouflage, which allows her to move more quickly but shuts off the moment she takes damage or uses any of her powers. 

As seen in the animated short, Sombra can also teleport through her translocator once she has thrown down the transmitting beacon. Once tossed down, she can instantly warp to the beacon, which can be useful for getting out of a sticky situation or sneaking behind enemy lines. Her ultimate is an EMP that disables enemy turrets, shields, ultimates, and abilities caught in the blast radius.

Original Story:

Earlier this week, an image leaked in the official Blizzard store of the long-rumored new Overwatch hero, Sombra. Today, Blizzard officially confirmed the Latina hacker is joining the fray. 

In the introductory trailer, we watch the stealth infiltrator wield a cloaking device, use warp panels, and hijack enemy weapons like a turret. These are likely her special abilities in competitive play. Watch the trailer for yourself here:

Blizzcon attendees get the first crack at playing with her on the showfloor.