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Destroy All Humans! Available On The PlayStation 4 Store

by Michael Leri on Nov 02, 2016 at 09:14 AM

Over eleven years after its initial release, Destroy All Humans! is now on the PlayStation 4 digital store for $19.99, complete with trophies and widescreen support.

Destroy All Humans! stars Cryptosporidium-136, an alien hellbent on taking over Earth in the 1950s through destruction, psychokinesis powers, and, yes, anal probing. Game Informer's Joe Juba gave the game an 8 back in his 2005 review.

Destroy All Humans! 2 has not been officially announced for a digital release PS4, but it has been recently rated by PEGI, which heavily implies its impending release.

For a look at Destroy All Humans!, check out our Replay of the PS2 version here. 100ft Robot Golf's Dan Teasdale also had a hand in Destroy All Humans!, which you can hear more about on the Game Informer Show here.

[Source: PEGI]


Our Take
While it's nice to get older, more niche games available digitally, the $19.99 asking price is a bit steep. Considering how no details were given on any possible technical upgrades, it looks like it's just a slightly above standard, more expensive PS2 game on the PS4.