Bungie Details New Destiny Festival Of The Lost Features

by Matt Miller on Oct 21, 2016 at 07:49 AM

Destiny has increasingly focused on creating content for its players to engage in over real time, with designated times for competitive tournaments and holiday themed events. Last year saw the introduction of the Halloween-centric Festival of the Lost, and Bungie has just announced the details behind the event’s return. 

2016’s Festival of the Lost will go live after reset next week on October 25, and run through November 8. Players can expect opportunities to collect new masks, emotes, consumable items, and engage in several different quest lines, including a quest line that begins in the Iron Temple, the new social space that first showed up at Rise of Iron’s launch. 

The introduction video is notable (and amusing) for the inclusion of Eris Morn. Her gloomy, Eeyore-like attitude toward the Festival is the perfect touch to communicate what the Festival is all about. At one point she declares: “Candy will not save you!”

Have fun trick-or-treating, Guardians.