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U.S. Residents Who Bought A First-Model PlayStation 3 May Be Able To Claim Settlement

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 15, 2016 at 07:40 AM

When the original model of the PlayStation 3 launched, it featured an "Other OS" option, which let users install other operating systems like Linux on the console. This would let users turn their PlayStation 3 into a home computer capable of browsing the web, watching videos, and all other fun parts of owning a Linux machine. Newer models of the console did not have this option, and in an April 2010 firmware update, Sony removed the ability for original-model PlayStation 3s to run other operation systems.

Earlier this week, a class-action lawsuit that had emerged over the removal of the feature settled. Though Sony Computer Entertainment of America claims zero wrongdoing, any U.S. resident who bought an original-model PlayStation 3 between November 1, 2006 (a few weeks before the console's release date) and April 10, 2010 is entitled to a settlement of varying amounts, depending on how much proof they provide: if you can prove you actually used the Other OS option on your PlayStation 3, you can receive a $55 payment. If you simply mention that you intended to use your console's Other OS option but didn't, perceived the feature as a value-add, or felt the unit lost value when the feature was removed, you can claim $9.

To submit your claim, head to the settlement website and follow the instructions (like identifying whether you used the Other OS feature), fill out the form, and submit it. Per your legal rights, you can also exclude yourself from this settlement (reserving the right to sue Sony on your own), object to the settlement while still claiming it, attend the hearing and hire your own attorney to represent you there, or do nothing and receive no payment. You have until December 7 to make your choice. The final approval hearing is on January 24, 2017.



Our Take
This is somewhat similar to that GTX 970 settlement we covered earlier this year, though the settlement amounts are different. I didn't use the Other OS option (did you? Be honest.) and I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of filling out the form for a measly $9. But I guess that's the kind of thinking Sony is counting on?