New Expansion Coming To Final Fantasy XIV In 2017

by Michael Leri on Oct 14, 2016 at 10:44 AM

While Stormblood is probably the name of metal band in Finland, it's also the name of Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion pack slated for early summer 2017.

Square Enix showed fans at Fan Fest in Las Vegas a teaser trailer where two people punch each other on top of a large statue, which sounds very much like something in a Final Fantasy game.

For more on Final Fantasy XIV's last expansion, Heavensward, check out Dan Tack's impressions here.

[Source: Final Fantasy on Twitter]


Our Take
While expansions are expected for MMORPGs, it's good to see that this game has a healthy enough community to warrant more huge content drops. Hopefully it tells the meaning behind the word "Stormblood."