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Kickstarter Project Aims To Finally Release Lost SNES Clinton Cat Game

by Michael Leri on Oct 13, 2016 at 08:30 AM

If there's one political question that's sweeping the nation right now, it's, "When can we play Socks the Cat, the lost Super Nintendo platformer based on Bill and Hillary Clinton's cat?" If this Kickstarter hits its $30,000 goal, that question will finally have an answer.

Socks the Cat was an arguably complete SNES game made back in the early 1990s during Bill Clinton's United States presidency. The game went missing after its publisher shut its doors, despite the game being supposedly "finished" and reviewed by some publications.

Then, in 2011, a private collector uploaded footage of the game to YouTube, which caught the eyes of collector, Tom Curtin. He then teamed up with publisher Second Dimension in hopes of releasing the game, hence the Kickstarter. Curtin has assembled a small team that specializes in retro games to clean up the code, squash bugs, and get the game ready for release.

Backer tiers range from the a digital emulated version of Socks the Cat, to new Second Dimension-developed SNES games, to physical Super Nintendo copies, and more.

Second Dimension has also addressed the elephant in the room by giving us Socks the Cat's political beliefs by stating that he can't vote in this upcoming election because, "he's a cat. And he's dead."

[Source: Socks the Cat on KickStarter]


Our Take
While the timing is incredibly coincidental, reviving a once-dead game is an intriguing proposition. Whether or not the game is any good is another story, but just being able to resurrect a dead game, see it, and maybe play it marks an interesting point in gaming's history.